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A person is considered employable only when he gets the necessary qualification, experience, interest, learning attitude and expertise in the field where he wants to seek employment. But these are not enough for a good job. The reality is that the companies consider the candidate's ability or inability to speak fluent English as one of the major selection criterion. Therefore good English communication is must for Every Corporate Employee.


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What Will You Learn During the Course

Hello Shraa application is a platform where students can improve and master their English communication. We are going to do it by providing the principal resources essential for English communication in a cost effective manner. Our Aim is to help students see themselves as professionals, as part of a discipline with skills and abilities valuable in the Business, Profession and Day to Day life.

Professional Communication

Verbal - Non verbal communication

How to handle clients who is unaware of your native language

Adding Sparkle to your communication Gain knowledge about social media marketing to help brands build an online presence

Development Skills

Native Accent
Public Speaking
Brain Development

How will your training work?


English Practice Tool

About Gold English Training program

About the Gold English Training program

60+ Hours of Online Learning

Experience more than 60 hours of online learning with World's no 1 English learning platform

Live Lectures With Professional Trainers

Grab the opportunity of learning with professional trainer live

Lifetime Job Assistance

With qualification from Hello Shraa you have lifetime Job assistance as English is Versatile language

3-12 Lakhs CTC Range Salary Package

Having a good command over your English communication, you can easily get a job within this package


Learning Path

Reading & Speaking

Improve Reading & Speaking Practice Daily 10 Minutes

Listening Practice

Listening is the best part to keep yourself updated with the English

Active & Passive Brain Development

Daily practice of reading, Listening & Speaking will keep active your brain

Soft Skills

Skill Development Activities covered with daily practicing

Daily Conversation

Daily speaking activity with word and sentence practice

Stand Out with Certificate

Complete all your modules successfully to obtain this certificate of recognition and it to your wall of fame or share with your Linked in connections.

Hello Shraa’s certificate serve as testament to the knowledge and skills you have gained.

Increase your credibility by adding it to your resume and sharing it with your linked in network.


Expert Trainers

Zainab Samiwala

Accent Learning

Kalyani Dhor

Day2Day Team leader

Ritesh Chouhan

Grammar Learning

Ashish Uikey

Group Discussion

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Frequently Ask Questions

The companies consider the candidate's ability or inability to speak fluent English as one of the major selection criterion. Therefore good english communication is must for a job seeking candidate and by joining the courses such as personality development or interview skills in Hello Shraa will definitely improve their communication skills.
English is important for students as it widens their minds, develops emotional skills, improve the quality of life by providing job opportunities. Hello Shraa counters each and every problem faced by students in their day to day life with Practical implementations.
In order to achieve at least 50-60% improvement in you ability to make yourself understood when you speak English, it is recommended that you dedicate at least one hour per day to independent practice.