June 27, 2021

Features of Hello Shraa

If you’ve ever dreamt of speaking English effortlessly, then Hello Shraa is a brilliant platform to learn, develop, and polish your English language skills. This language-learning app features Artificial Intelligence (AI) to make it exceptionally user-friendly. Artificial Intelligence assesses the learning ability of the user and designs course which is individual-focused rather than a generalized one. The optimally designed course exceptionally boosts your learning.

Top 10 Reasons to Download Hello Shraa Now!

Let’s have an overview of the unique features that make Hello Shraa a must-have English learning app.

  • Multiple Course Options

    This app is uniquely distinguished by any other English learning app in such that it provides a comprehensible interface and involves customized courses for every educational and professional stream. Whether you are a student, a homemaker or a professional, Hello Shraa will teach you accordingly. You can choose from a wide range of 50+ courses such as:

  • Interview Preparation Course
  • Personality Development Course
  • Complete Grammar Course
  • SSC School Student Course
  • CBSE School Student Course
  • Full American Accent Building Course
  • BPO Executive Course
  • Sales Executive Course
  • BBA/MBA Student Course
  • Managerial level Course
  • Form a Native Accent

    The Accent Learning Course builds up an excellent native English accent, patternizes intonation, and improves pronunciation. It helps understand the trending and tricky words that have been organized rhythmically to make the whole learning process easier yet effective. The more you practice with Hello Shraa app, the more quickly you can surprise people with your English accent, be it American or British.

  • Improve Basic Language Skills

    By enhancing your English vocabulary and grammar to an advanced level, this app works rigorously on your receptive skills such as reading and listening. The practice material allows to boost your thinking and adds fluency to your speech. With the Audio Listening option, you can listen to a native speaker and hence improve your listening and pronunciation.

    Hello Shraa is the perfect choice for English Language Test takers with a pool of 10,000+ words and 5000+ sentences to learn from.

  • Learn Sentence Formation

    You can learn day-to-day conversational phrases and sentences such as greeting phrases and more formal and informal sentences. In just no time you start building up simple and compound sentences and their correct usage. Apart from the literal words and sentences, it’s the best app to learn idioms with metaphorical meaning. The Day 2 Day Learning Course offers a deep understanding of managing your routine conversations and how to answer simple questions.

  • Fix your Speech with AI Technology

    In today's era, machine learning has revolutionized our educational patterns. The cutting-edge artificial Intelligence technology makes this app to amazingly mimic as a human and provide instantaneous fixations to your English speech. The Confidence Booster session lets you speak in the camera while making your live conversations easier with other people.

    The speech-recognition AI feature of the app is one of its kind. You no longer need to keep asking everyone to listen to your practice speech and help reading.

  • Correct your Grammar

    Perfect grammar takes you a long way! If you are having persistent problems with English grammar and seeking multiple mentoring and practicing sessions, then Hello Shraa is the best virtual tutor. It proofreads your sentences, highlights mistakes, and provides useful suggestions. With repetitive practice and check-throughs, you can become an English grammar pro quick.

  • Unlimited Practice Sessions

    This app focuses on “practice makes one perfect”. Therefore, the unlimited practice material magically transforms your inefficiency into proficiency. These practice exercises are designed by the native English experts to make you learn error-free basic and advanced English.

  • A few important learning sessions include:

  • Word Sentence Practice
  • Revision Sessions
  • Relax Mouth Muscles
  • Sentence Building
  • Audio Listening
  • Paragraph Reading
  • Grammar sessions
  • After each practice session, the app analyses your weaknesses and gives you a performance-based score. This allows the app to tailor further sessions accordingly and not just randomly.

  • Various in-app modes

    The app contains 3 practice modes: Manual, Auto and Fast mode.

    In Manual mode, one has to decide the amount of required practice and revisions by himself.

    In Auto mode is an extremely adored feature of this app through which you can save your precious time and learn English simultaneously. If you don’t get much free time from your routine activities, classes, or office schedules, then this model works best for you. Once you start practicing, the AI senses your strengths and weaknesses and makes sure you learn words, sentences, and grammar accordingly.

    In Fast mode the sessions run quickly and are best for courses such as Grammar correction.

  • Interview Practice

    Have you got an interview call for that dream job but lack the confidence to give your best? This could be anyone’s nightmare. Hello Shraa brings you an exciting feature of practicing interviews in intense simulation to the real one. It has exclusively designed a range of common interview questions according to almost every educational domain.

    After self-practicing, you can choose to rehearse live with the recruitment experts and give multiple mock interviews. Is there any better way to be confidently prepared for your next dream job?

  • Free Demo and Pro Versions

    Above all, this matchless English-learning app with exceptionally designed features comes with a Free Demo and a Pro version. You can initially try the demo version and see if it works for you. You can always upgrade to the Pro version and skillfully learn competing English.

    Hello Shraa is based upon deeply researched and proven learning techniques that not only teach you a new language but also instill confidence and a sense of accomplishment with each new lesson. There are several AI-based segment readings, audio listenings, spell-checks, speaking sessions, and additional well-versed scholarly stuff. So practice more and flaunt your English faster than you imagine!

    So why wait for more if you can get started now? Download the app today and enjoy a boost to your English-language skills daily, anytime, and anywhere.

Reasons why mobile apps are best to improve your vocabulary

In this modern era, students are lucky enough to use technology to gain their knowledge. Teachers are trying to use technology in the classroom to make it a smart class for the knowledge development of the students. They also gradually increase their vocabulary by getting to know several things. Teachers nowadays encourage the students to be creative enough using mobiles as a search engine for easy accessibility. The ability to research online resources helps them to discover the best way to grow and improving the vocabulary.

How can you Improve Vocabulary through Mobile Apps?

The best way to learn better and to train your memory at any time is by using smartphones. By installing the right apps, smartphones can perfectly help you to improve your vocabulary. Instead of memorizing the vocabularies for its usage, if you rely on mobile apps, this will be the most effective way to train your memories with the umpteenth number of vocabularies. Here the best reasons for how mobile apps improve vocabulary development.

Easy Use 

Are you spending your free time idly? It’s time to start using every single moment that you use idle time in an effective way. Try downloading the vocabulary-building apps and practice them in your free time. Quizlet application works on the principle of digital flashcards. This will be much easier for you to memorize the vocabulary that you have learned. You can learn this in your traveling time or free time.

Great Reading Device

Your smartphone is a great reading device. Through reading, you could remember and understand new words. Even if you come across some new words, you can analyze how they fit in the context of the sentence. Kindle, iBooks, and Google playbooks are some of the classic eBook reading applications that are pretty intuitive and easy to read. This gives you access to a massive number of books and it enables you to read at any time.

Improving Vocabularies through Games

Among all the apps on mobile phones, games applications are liked by many. You can rely on games for vocabulary developing and memory boosting. Apps like Star Walk 2 and The Elements will turn your sky into your learning platform. These games encourage your mental activities in the same way it also improves your vocabulary development. His story is presented through words and images.

Listen to Audiobooks

Audiobooks are better reading for intellectual progress. You need not make your eyes tired. You will get to know different vocabulary right from the beginning. Audiobooks iOS app will give you thousands of free audiobooks of any genre. Start listening to the narrator and improve your memory and cognitive skills at any time.

Wrapping up

Nothing is important in this internet world. There are many ways to use your smartphones to learn and understand new words and their context. Not only for students but also teachers can use these apps applicable. So make use of these significant benefits that your mobile applications provide to enrich your vocabulary and communication skills.

A simple guide to learning English using Hello Shraa  

Once upon a time learning a language especially English required a lot of resources and enrolling to a class. But know learning English is not rocket science as you can do it with just a few taps on your phone screen. You can start your journey from scratch with the spoken English apps. They are quick, easy to access and operate and fun. English apps have become mini-classroom on your phone. Among humungous apps that are in the play store, Hello Shraa is a unique platform for English learners of any level and age.

Improve your speaking skills

The best secret behind learning English is to be confident. But when will confidence improve? Confidence is built only on knowledge and skill. The hello Shraa app boosts confidence by improving the English knowledge and skills of a person. This app is run by artificial intelligence to provide a tailor-made learning path for a student to improve knowledge and skills. They have integrated AI to monitor the behaviour of the student and frame a learning plan according to the results.

A seamless journey

You can start your journey by enrolling for a free trial and taking the demo class. 1-on-1 classes will be provided for the students and the proficiency of the student will be checked using artificial intelligence. The app will give you a score based on your conversation. And using this score you can get an idea of where you stand and take efforts according to your conclusion.

You will have a one-on-one class with friendly teachers through online mode. During which the teachers will help you systematically improve your grammar, sentence structuring and pronunciation. You can also clear doubts with the teachers during the sessions. The teachers will suggest the best English speaking tricks and tips. They suggest that you have to learn two to four new words in English to build your vocabulary library. One important thing that you have to remember is don’t stop at learning new words but also learn how to pronounce those words.

Improve listening and reading too

English is a beautiful language that is ubiquitous. Speaking it clearly and fluently is what helps you establish among thousands of people. But to improve speaking skill, reading, writing and listening is the base. Throughout your journey of learning English, you have to build your writing, learning and English skills. The hello shraa spoken English app, not just focuses on enhancing your speaking skills instead it gives a combined course that ameliorates you reading, writing and listening skills too.

Need not rely on anyone

Have you asked your English speaking friends or teachers to listen you speak and correct wherever you go wrong? That might feel embarrassing sometimes but with the Hello shraa platform, you need not be dependent on anyone to correct you and tweak your language. The AI recognizes your voice and corrects you if you make a mistake thus eliminating the dependency on anyone.

Bottom line

Without further ado go to play store and download the Hello Shraa app and embark your journey to be a better English speaker than the native speakers.

Time to enhance your vocabulary knowledge through mobile apps

Vocabulary is the prime for the comprehension of any language as it helps you to understand the concept very well. It is essential to have a sound knowledge of vocabulary as it helps you to enhance your communication effectively. Few do not know for which situations which words should be used they use what they know and form the whole text wrong. For instance, words like insuring and ensuring, compliment and complement, stationary, and stationery carry different meanings. When you do not know the meaning of these words you may use it in a wrong context.

Significance of learning vocabulary

The chief steps to be taken before learning English would be learning as many vocabularies as possible. Knowing basic vocabulary is good, but if you wish to improve your learning, writing, speaking and listening skills it is paramount to learn vocabularies. Dictionaries hold thousands of words and meaning, and it is difficult for anyone to by heart the whole dictionary. But for those who believe nothing is impossible to a willing heart, it is possible. Are you wondering how? The recent emergence of technology has brought in so many applications for educational purpose and for honing your education skills. There are so many apps that teach you vocabulary more simply and effectively.

Direct the usage of your phone to some effective learning

The recent kids and students are spending most of the time on mobile phones playing games and chatting. It is good to play games and talk to your friends for relaxation and entertainment. But that’s not the package of your whole story as it is just one part of your day.

You may be travelling to schools, colleges and offices through different modes of transportation like boarding a bus or train or going on a cab. So you can utilise these hours by learning vocabulary by installing apps that teach and helps you to learn new words and the meaning of it.

Easy techniques to learn vocabulary

One day one word:  This is one of the easiest methods to learn words without much difficulty. Using vocabulary apps will help you to learn even more quickly. Some apps add each day a new word to your home screen where you can learn that for the day.

Add new words to your conversation:It is not enough to learn a word a day but it is even more important to add that word in your day to day communication. This way it helps you to become strong in vocabulary skills.

Learn with fun through mobile apps: Mobile apps that teach vocabularies do not stick to the only formal strategy. But, it also enables learning words through games and quizzes that makes the learners have fun-learn and yet in an effective way.

 The bottom line Why delay when you can enrich your vocabulary skills through amazing mobile apps? Learning through games and quizzes is even more fun and effective way of learning words and meanings. Visit the play store and download the app that supports and elevates your vocabulary skills.

Tips and tricks to be better than a native speaker

Learning and writing English can be a piece of cake for many. But when it comes to speaking, lot of people struggle. Even though you are great at using fancy words with errorless grammar the accent you use can make all the difference. English accents differ according to the country but one mastering all the accents is out of the question. But when you are in a foreign place and not knowing the local accent can be a tough thing to handle. For example, the word mobile is pronounced differently in the UK and the US. It is pronounced as MOH-bye-ul in the UK whereas in the US it is pronounced as MOH-buhl. Pronouncing it wrong is not a big deal but in major cases, it draws attention. But nothing to worry we got you covered. Here is a list of tips and tricks to improve the English accent and beat the native speakers.

  • Listen, Listen and listen
  • The art of listening is paramount for better pronunciations. Listening helps you to tell the difference between pronunciations and incorporate them while speaking. Listen to movies, songs, and podcasts. Podcasts are better to familiarize with the local speakers. Listening also helps to improve your vocabulary. There are spoken English apps that feature accents of different countries that are handy to improve the pronunciations.

  • Practice the movements
  • The way you move your mouth can affect your pronunciation. Pay keen attention to the way your mouth moves while pronouncing a word. Watch others and adapt it while pronouncing a word. Look into a mirror and practice the movements and observe it. You can also watch youtube to see the different exercises that are available for better pronunciation.

  • Listen to yourself
  • It is difficult to concentrate on the mistakes that you make in pronunciation while communicating. Try recording yourself while speaking so that you can pay attention to areas where you make a mistake and correct them. Only listening to yourself will allow you to improve.

  • Copy the native speakers
  • Native speakers are the experts in the pronunciation of the accent that you want to master. Watch native television programs and listen to native radio programs. This is going to work wonders to improve your pronunciation. Imitate what you listen to. This will help you to develop the accent quicker than anticipated. No wonder when you speak better than the native speaker following the above mentioned.

  • Sing along
  • This can take you by surprise, but it helps a lot to improve your pronunciation. Learn the lyrics of the local song and sing along confidently. It not only helps you to relax but also will improve your accent. Singing a song makes you familiar with the intonations and the stress that a word needs.

  • Practice makes perfect
  • Last but not in any way least practice makes perfect. Incorporate all the steps in your daily routine and practice daily. If possible find a language buddy. Feedback from another person is crucial to improve your language. Practice together and beat the native speakers with your accent.

    Learn English grammar quickly and easily through the Hello Shraa 

    Have you ever felt bad to communicate with others as you are not strong with the language? If yes, your struggle and lack of confidence will end here. English is not as complicated as you think. There are several ways where you will be able to excel in the language. Having the proper practice in the right channel is the best thing you can choose to adopt. Do you have a smart phone with the internet connection? If yes, you have to download the Hello Shraa app immediately. It is one of the best online platforms recommended by several experts for the people who are willing to learn the language. It works with artificial intelligence where you can learn the language effectively and intelligently.

    What can you expect from the app?  
  • Online classes: They offer you a 1-on-1 online course where you can feel free to discuss with the experts without any struggles. They are the experts who will make you learn the course analyzing your ability.
  • You get more tips: You might have heard lots of tips to learn the language like speaking, listening, reading, writing, etc. However, not all these are suitable for people at different levels of language proficiency. Here, the experts will train you considering your knowledge and effective ways to learn the language.
  • Customized course: They are effective enough to offer you several new courses with different durations to learn the language. You can take up the right course considering various factors and choose the right one.
  • Features of Hello Shraa 
  • Friendly teachers
  • Having friendly teachers is the best way for you to be comfortable with the learning and practising sessions. Also, you will have a one-on-one session where you need not worry about what others will think about you. Communicate without any barriers and clear your doubts.

  • Joyful practice
  • When you love to practice things, achieving the target becomes easier. Here, you can learn 2 topics per day and check your results. Have it in funny ways to have winning results.

  • Unlimited lessons 
  • Based on your level of English, you can have a unique set of practice sessions. You will have lots of chances to read, write and listen to the language. Besides, you will also have the chance to select what you want to learn.

  • Anyone can participate 
  • When English is the language for the global audience, the app does not have any limitations with the age or the level of your communication. You can be at level zero or advanced levels. The app is more suitable and effective to train you from your level.

  • Register in the app now!  
  • Several people are struggling so much just because they lack communication skills. When it comes to employment, people get rejected due to a lack of effective English communication despite being technically sound. For all such people who are looking to enhance their language skills, this spoken English app will be the betting platform. Without any delays, install the app and start enjoying the benefits out of it.

    How to overcome language barrier?
    I love cooking my friends and family


    You might be wondering what is up with this person? what is she saying? Is she gone mad? Will she eat her family? But that’s not true. It’s just a mistake. But for once you got worried so, you see how bad sentence structuring and not be knowledgeable to basics of one language affects communication? And, how the absence of one word can communicate different messages? The same thing happens when you can’t speak English perfectly. Because I know Not being able to speak English like natives always hinders progress but as we all know issues don’t arise on their own they have causes lying underneath them so, one of the issues in not being perfect in the English language is the influence of the Mother tongue. Many of Indian students go through this phase where their class fellow laugh hard at them because of having strong MTI. Their laughs have made us believe in the reason behind their laughs so we, refrain ourselves from speaking English.

    Having a strong MTI is not bad but it sounds bad when you speak one language with other accents. Having a strong Mother tongue influences is one of their biggest cause of embarrassment in public and a loss of confidence.

    However, there are some other issues that also hinder progress in learning a new language. One of them is having insufficient information not being knowledgeable about the opportunities, resources, and platforms available is like living a life of darkness. But students in India doesn’t have all the resources they should have. Indian students have the caliber to achieve everything.

    Not only Indian students are facing these issues those whose native language is not English feels the same being shy while talking in public, self-conscious, and getting nervous at times causes the loss of the whole conversation. When this happens the real meaning of a message is lost or not communicated. Those people who get exposed to these circumstances sometimes take it positively and strive to overcome the barrier. But, some people choose the darker path and develop resistance to learn the language and stick with Hindi and doesn’t even try speaking English again.

    Lack of reading and listening is also one cause of not being able to learn a new language. Those people who read and listen a lot have excellent communication skills. Developing these skills take time but it’s worth the time and effort. So if you have planned to overcome your barrier. Then, Don’t be self-conscious, nervous, reluctant or shy. As we all know there is a common saying

    "People learn from their mistakes"

    As I have learned from mine. I have tried multiple apps, platforms, online classes, sessions, and webinars. But I was never exposed to the best option but one day finally My struggle paid off and I found Hello Shraa.

    Hello Shraa has helped me break all the barriers in my career. It will help you as well to break all the barriers that were in front of you till now whether you want to progress in your career, make more sales, succeed in the interview or want to get good grades. Hello Shraa is an AI, user-friendly brilliant platform to learn, develop, and polish your English language skills. It will not only improve your speaking skills but your sentence structuring and grammar as well. Hello Shraa has built-in speech recognition AI features that will listen to your speech and correct you So, you don't need anyone anymore to listen to you and correct.

    You know what great is it has multiple courses option, Specialized courses option according to your personalized needs and it also offers a Free Demo. With hello Shraa you will overcome all your barriers, fulfill all your dreams.

    How to speak English fluently?

    As we all know Communication is the key to open all shut doors but communicating in the wrong way will not open the doors it will only close it. For a person to achieve what he wants to achieve effective communication is the key to that having excellent communication skills is important.

    Learning how to Communicate effectively requires time, patience, and dedication, However, a student attitude towards learning new languages plays an important role. It is the student ability and willingness to learn a new language.

    Student attitudes on learning new languages, whether good or bad, affect their outlook toward learning throughout life. Their attitude towards learning affected not only their amount of knowledge but also their desire to learn a new language. However, if a person is not willing to learn a new language having all the resources will do no harm to him. But for those students who have a positive attitude towards learning a new language having poor teaching resources and reading material will be a cause of concern.

    There are not a lot of useful yet easily accessible teaching resources in India where you will get the right knowledge. If resource and method of teaching is not effective to provide the right knowledge, then there will be no learning whether students want to learn or not. Due to a lack of teaching and reading resources many Indian students will learn it the wrong way. Meanwhile, where having the right material is important but practicing the English language in the right way is also necessary. Because there is a common saying

    "Practice makes a man perfect"

    Continuously practicing ensures one after and another step towards your ultimate goal. To make sure you practice English every day you need to develop a plan, work according to that plan or look for some other alternatives that help in ensuring your success. There are a lot of platforms available on the internet through which you can learn English virtually. But, a lot of people tend to fear to learn for a new skill or language online through Apps. However, in this era of digitalization, everything has moved to Apps or websites from CD’s to Mp3 from books to e-books from albums to Instagram from post to E-mail from one on one classes/ physical training to online classes/ online training everything has been digitalized.

    I have personally experienced that online learning gives you the flexibility of time and place so now everyone can learn whenever, wherever. It is less costly. It provides an opportunity to learn from experts. I had a personal experience with one of the English language learning App Hello Shraa.

    Hello Shraa is an AI, user-friendly brilliant platform to learn, develop, and polish your English language speaking skills. From my personal experience, I believe it has one of the best features it provides you an opportunity to have your own personal virtual coach for pronunciations. It has unique Artificial intelligence technology that assesses the learning ability of the user and designs course which is individual-focused rather than a generalized one. I have improved my accent with the help of Hello Shraa when are you going to improve it.